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As agents for we are proud to offer sales and support for the Excata brand. Exacta symbolizes the vast machine range that, according to customers’ requirements, can ensure production efficiency and top quality. Our production can meet all customer’s requirements in the knitwear and socks industry;

Cup Seaming machines & linking machines fitted either with eyed or hooked or straight needle, inside or outside the point dial, curved needle, with simple or double chainstitch, overlocking stitch.exacta machines are provided with the best technological solutions available on the market and innovated thanks to a constant product improvement.



The electronic cone to cone winder with deknitting device Mod. SED has been developed after long researches and has been realized for recovering the yarn from defective knitting clothes. It is realized in 2 different versions with 4 or 6 heads, traverse 6".

  • Speed adjustable in each head. It permits to have the most suitable speed for each ply of yarn.
  • The anti stirrup device avoids the malformation of the packages.
  • Each head is completely independent from the others. For example: it is possible to use some heads for the yarn recovering, others to make normal packages operations.
  • Acceleration ramps and electronic braking controlled in each head and protected yarn passes avoid any rubbings dangerous for the yarn quality.

Possibility to use a different anti patterning system in each head.
Yarn tensioner system with shock absorber which avoids the breakage of delicate yarns.
Standard equipment with electronic multifunction keyboard. It allows the adjustment of the speed, of the anti patterning system, of the function to be made (recovering or winding) in the corresponding head. 



electronic winders mod. SE with an inverter in each head


The electronic Winders mod. SES and SE have been designed and built with the utmost technologies to meet all the users' requirements in the preparation of the packages before or after dyeing, with or without waxing, with or without preset meter.
The easy adjustment of the speed (from 200 to 1200 mt/min), of radial anti patterning, of counterweight, of sliding of the cone holder and the braking of the yarn, permit to obtain an excellent and uniform density that guarantees optimal results in all the working process.
The waxing device is motorized and permits to obtain a uniform distribution of the wax; the yarn brake is motorized and self-cleaning. The yarn passages, protected by ceramic, avoid any rubbings harmful to the yarn quality. Both models have adjustable electronic braking of the drum in case of stop (optional in the SES model).
The SE model has one inverter per head. Speed, acceleration ramps and other parameters are adjustable distinctly head by head.
The models SE AL and SES AL, with double positive feeder of the yarn are recommended when it is necessary to obtain very soft packages with constant tension for before dyeing, for winding yarns that are continuous or slippery, and for chenille. The model SES RRwith feeder and cutter has been created expressly for picking from bulking machines.

Each element works as an independent unit in single or multiple configurations.
The high quality of the materials used in the building process makes the machine more solid and lasting in time.
The maintenance is made easily and only the normal cleaning is usually requested. 


We offer various types of press, ironing machines and inspection machines from Nustri one of the market leaders.

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Pom-pom making machines ULTRA FAST – HIGH PRODUCTION

Single Phase

100-2000rpm of shaft rotation

800-1200 pieces production per 8 hour.

3 main models

Pompon making machine  model PLC  up to   10 sizes of pompom 30-130mm, 3 sizes of bell type pompon plus knife sharpener

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Working in collaboration with Kyle Design Alco can offer the AC1 type scarf knitting machine. The machine utilises cutting edge linear design technology to optimise the warp knitting techniques, more basic operative models are available upon request or dependent on budget. The machine is available in 3 knitting widths 12,16&18 inch in 5,6,10 Needle the 6 needle being a 15gg fully fashioned garment equivalent and the most popular gauge for scarf production. The machine is single phase 240V and has variable speed adjustment. Stitch formations include standard stitch, lace and zig zag or even a combination of styles, tassel length and patterns are easily inputted into the machines computer via a simple keypad. Yarn stands/creels are made in various sizes the most popular being the largest due to being able to accommodate 120 1kg cones of yarn. On a basic scarf pattern with vertical stripes the machine is capable of producing a scarf in approx 5-7minutes



With the main emphasis being on labour time, packaging costs and space, the AC100 offers bedding manufacturers the simplicity to package all types and sizes of quilts, sleeping bags etc in a simple yet attractive way to the consumer, the retailer, the wholesaler and transport companies. The machine is built with considerations and emphasis on its simplicity, low maintenance and speed of packaging, the AC100 can produce a neat and compact roll in seconds.


This manual garment inspection machine is light, versatile easy to assemble and with its competitive price has been a great success to knitwear manufacturers all over. The standard AC1000 has 360 degree movement has two adjustable inspection lights but upon request a central light can also be fitted to give better and clearer visibility to the stitches and making it easier to identify any faults in the garment.